Is being a career nomad a thing?

For lack of a better phrase I would consider myself a jack of all trades. But I am certainly looking to become a master of at least one. I have found many things that I am interested in throughout my career. I truly love being able to collect skills through my different experiences and applying them to each new role I take on. Prior to moving to Philadelphia for school I had a wide variety of jobs from recreation management to patient transport in the local hospital.

After getting accepted to The Art Institute of Philadelphia I had two weeks to get my life together and move to The City of Brotherly Love. I was needless to say, "flying by the seat of my pants", however I quickly got things figured out. I picked up a work study and catering job while finishing my degree. I started an internship at a Philadelphia staple studio and rehearsal space The Boom Room. I worked my way up to eventually manage the rehearsal and event booking while simultaneously getting promoted in my catering position.

Both of those jobs taught me so much about working with clients, solving problems, having a diverse team, and using the tools at my disposal to get the job done. I currently work for Progressive Insurance and have absorbed so much during my time there. I like to take career pivots as an opportunity to add to my repertoire. While I continue to work towards my personal goals I would love to be a part of a company that I believe in, can contribute to and that will support me as well.

Work experience

June 2021- Present

Progressive Casualty Insurance


January 2021-Present

Liam's Catering


April 2020-January 2021



July 2018-March 2020

The Boom Room

Assistant Manager

April 2017-March 2020

Garces Events at Chubb Hotel and Conference Center

Event Supervisor


October 2015-September 2018

The Art Institute of Philadelphia